New Canadian Member

hey folks....was reffered here from dirt rider by a guy on there...spoke highly of this place....i ride a 1978 Yamaha MX 175 and a 1985 Suzuki DR 200 S that im trying to sell. I love the smell of 2smoke and hope to get a 250 or bigger if possible.
Any other Canadian riders on here? Love to find some riding buddies....or people to ice fish and ride a sled with this winter
Uh Oh ! Another Canadian ! NaturalEdge is around here somewhere.He's from the Great White North too. He all so likes to fish but with explosives. You guys are crazy!lol
Now we got the Mckenzie Brothers. "Kookokokoookoko . Take off you hosers!" LoL
Canadian outdoors Nationals Rock!

:lol: I had a 78' Yami 175! I think every part on that bike was made of soft lead! I bent and broke everything on that bike possible! Gotta say, that was the suckiest bike I ever owned! But I was just a pup then!

Another Canuck, ey? Welcome! :ride:
Welcome :cheers: We just need three more Canadians and we can start a hockey team :smirk:
I'm a Canuck, but live in the lovely land of Southern California. I have a huge family base in Toronto. Can I be the goalie?

Anyways, Welcome to the forum! :thumb:
That is all, Carry On!
thanks for the warm welcome guys.....and if we play hockey i wanna do it like polo on dirt bikes with studded tires....nowww thattt would be a sport!!!!