Nelson Ride to the Tower RR

so this was day 2 of my visit with PBK to :ride:. we went to a spot called nelson which is near boulder city. We noticed a tower of some sort so decided we would find our way to it. about half way there my gopro handlebar mount broke and dumped my camera so i had to put it sideways on my helmet so sorry for the skinny vid.

remember to watch in high def if you are able.
some of the pics from the tower


what the tower is for

the views




then one failed hill climb and one redeemed one where SOMEONE got in my way.... :lol: J/K i really should have waited at the bottom.
Awesome Report! Thanks for sharing!
Approx. how many miles did you cover?
-BIG DAN:thumb:

thats a good question.... i dont have gps so i really dont know but my guess is 20-25 miles maybe? maybe farther considering all the curves. just a wild guess tho.
Where are all my backflips?? i did some awsome backflips off the whoops :smirk: we had a blast don't know how many miles we did cuz we don't have anything to measure the miles with but we just went till it started gettin dark or we were just to gassed to go any farther.
Trav, i can't wait till the end of Oct. so we can do it again wo0t wo0t :banana: