4 Stroke Need Spark Arrestor


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This is what I was telling you about in the chatbox.


But that only works with a FMF exhaust.

According to their website the spark arrestor is included and that looks like the correct one. Here's their number if you want to call them; 1-866-466-4762
I picked up my rivet gun for $10-15 at the local hardware, so they aren't to pricey.
That is the end cap and spark arrestor that i run. Mine has screws to hold the end cap on. Is your current end cap riveted on? If not the holes should align and you can use the screws to hold in place.
thats what the PDF says :/

the end cap that is on the stock pipe has rivets and it does say you have to knock those ones out.
if the end cap is already set to accept screws and the holes line up in your canister then BINGO! No need to tap anything.
if the end cap is already set to accept screws and the holes line up in your canister then BINGO! No need to tap anything.

dont think it is set up for screws... it has rivets now.

i would just go to my local KTM dealer but those guys really try to rape me on labor prices. so i say :finger: to them.
just go and look at the cap it is a total of 3 allen screws that will hold the billet cap on. you dont need to take it to da chop!
it is not its rivets... i know me and PBK where comparing and his bike is allen screws... mine is not .... here is a diagram from my parts manual...

if that even helps at all. but in then manual it calls all those little holes at the end dummy rivets
according to the website that is that right one, and install is very easy...drilling out a rivet is easy, and installing a rivet is easy...you can do it.
are you in so cal? i can loan you one of my rivet guns.
harbour freight has them cheap and so does home depot
harbor freight-
Heavy Duty 17-1/2" Hand Riveter With Collection Bottle
Hand Riveters - Hand Tools
or home depot-
http://www.homedepot.com/Tools-Hardware-Hand-Tools-Fastening-Tools-Rivet-Tools-Rivets-Rivet-Tools/h_d1/N-5yc1vZapudZ5zd37/h_d2/Navigation?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053&omni=p_$10 - 20

you will need a rivet gun to repack you silencer anyway...it should be done every 50-100 hours or so it is worth buying one
yea i guess i should jsut pick a rivet gun up. wouldnt be bad having one in the garage.... I appreciate all the help guys.

Now i have to figure out WTF is going on with my clutch but i guess thats a whole new thread :(
all you need to do once your new sparky cap comes is drill out the rivents on the end cap and pull out the cap, just like your pdf said.
put in the new cap...it will be undrilled so you can match your existing holes in your canister....drill thru the existing holes in your canister and thru the new cap...put rivet in rivet gun, put tip into hole {hehe:smirk:} and squeeze riveter handles...repeat for each hole in your canister....install screen and billet cap with allen wrench and done...20 min job and good to learn how to re pack canister...every year or 2 depending on riding style