Need moto van ideas

Re-cushioned and re-covered the driver seat w OE parts, then put aftermarket seat covers on.


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Thats pretty much where she sits now. Gotta do the floor next.
I got side-tracked by a new water heater install job the past few days so might not make it to the track this weekend.

New resize patch works well, from phone too.
Elsinore would be cool.

Yes desert races are marked with Pink Ribbon tied to the bushes and orange dayglow cards stapled to stakes marking danger. There are arrows stapled to stakes as well to mark turns. I know a lot of fast guys that are color blind and they just look for the ribbon flickering in the bushes.
I’m color blind, I could race desert.
After a good day at the track this past weekend I have to say that the van is a dream compared to my Ranger.
I gotta figure out a better way to mount the bike though.
Strapping it to side was good once.