Neck Braces & Chest Protectors


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Quotes from the "Mechanics of Jumping???" thread. As this is a big topic in its self, I decided to make a new thread. :thumb:
The prices have become a "little" bit more reasonable.

$285 - Leatt Adventure Neck Brace - Link
$290 - Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support SB - Link
$160 - EVS RC Evolution Neck Brace - Link
yea its definitely on my list but as of right now with all my medical bills and credit card mishaps from the past(wife:() i got jsut about enough money for 1 item a month... i will get one for the track tho.
That's understandable, just be careful. :thumb:


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I do have a question... What chest protectors do these work with. Are they pretty universal?
I like the "under the jersey" type chest protectors better, my personal opinion is that they provide better protection. I used to wear the SixSixOne Pressure Suit (link), but recently it's been upgraded to a SixSixOne Core Saver (Link) (Got tired of the arm/elbow pads) :lol: Had to get the youth size though :foul:

The Core Saver is just that, a core saver, it pretty much wraps around your upper body. The best way I can describe it, is by saying it feels like a bullet proof vest, that's breathable :smirk:. :thumb: The back support/protector covers the tail bone and there's also a thick "pad" that wraps around the lower back. Which is good because when I crash and go flying I almost always land on my back. :P
nice i've been thinkin of gtting one it seems almost everyone has one at the track . think someone is telling me something.:prof:
I currently own the alpinestars one which i really like because it has a wider loop around your neck. the leatt made me feel a little closterphobic when i rode with it. the only thing i dislike about the alpinestars brace is that it has two wedged shaped fins on the back that make it ride up when used with a chest protector.
RMATV has the braces for the same price but will give you 20 bucks off a 150 dollar order right now.
Neck Brace
just type neck brace into the search


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So James, were you wearing proper protection today at the track?
Here's what I was wearing:

  • Alpinestars Tech 7 boots
  • Asterisk Knee Braces
  • SixSixOne Core Saver
  • Leatt Neck Brace
  • Bell Moto 8 helmet
  • Shift Strike Gear
nice i've been thinkin of gtting one it seems almost everyone has one at the track . think someone is telling me something.:prof:
$400 is a pretty cheap price to help prevent neck injuries. Or you could buy the EVS RC Evolution neck brace for $160. LINK
Don't forget about the Omega neck brace. Looks well made I need to go try all of these on.
Let us know what you think after you try the Omega.:thumb:
I am sure he had it in his wallet in the truck:smirk: