My Sons 6th Birthday & First Bike

yep it is and im sure it will be. she already is asking for all pink gear :lol:. i got a crf80 from palmer and the plan is when the boy is big enough he gets that and then little sis will get the 50.


Looks like you have a very nice place and motorhome by the way! Darn lucky kids I tell ya!
so the boy turned 6 and we got him a TTR 50. he also got lots of gear. The bike needs a carb clean and the idle needs adjusting but i didn't have time to do it before his first go at it. On top of that im a horrible teacher as well. First run was a wheelie to loop. 2nd run was whiskey throttle to fall over. It also was not the ideal spot for a first time 6 year old and he hit his elbow on the 2nd run and was done. I wasn't gonna push it anymore after that. I really didn't want to put the training wheels on but i think he needs it for a little while... till he can learn to balance the weight and control the throttle better so ill prolly put it on for his next couple attempts.

once again thanks for the gear rack. He was stoked about it and i couldn't get him to take the jersey off all night. as of right now all he needs is proper elbow pads, knee pads, boots and MAYBE some goggles.
him after opening all his presents.

him on the bike for the first time

his mother also made a pretty cool cake. the pic dont show the whoops and the berms very good but here..

and here is the video of his first attempts at riding... I still say he did better then his old dad on his first 50 ride at his age... i went out of control right into a garage door :lol:

Great RR...even though it was at home :thumb: He'll never forget those memories...That was a nice wheelie...I think he could have saved it. :thumb: I did the same thing at 13...from the street into the front yard...No one caught me though...:cry:

As for boots... I know we have some smaller gear (possibly boots) out at the REZ...I'll take inventory next time out and see what we've got and let you know....


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:banana: That's awesome Trav, I just wish I could have started that early. :bonk:

I think Timoyz has some boots for you in the Pass It On and I like how you already have a neck roll for him, now we just need a neck brace for dad. :smirk:

Cool Trav! You can tell by the look on his face even under his helmet he is stoked!:thumb:
:thumb: You can see it in his eyes. :lol:

So are you going to bring them new bikes you have too the ride on the 16th threw the 19th at Kennedy Meadows ???:clap::wiggle: