My Season Starts Now Ride Report

Good stuff. Still a little warm, but the cool is just around the corner.:prof::thumb:
A little warm, but bearable. As long you keep moving, the wind cools you down.

More more we want more!:banana::banana:
That's all I've got this time. I guess I'll have to go for another ride.:ride:

Nice RR. Did you do that alone? I think I would have at least had one other with me if it was the shake down ride. You got a big pair of NUTS there partner. :smirk:
That's a negative on the big pair o' nuts. I have been told a few times though, that I am nuts.:smirk:

Great Pics! Some of those areas look familiar from my desert trips this last winter. Thanks for the report.:thumb:
:lol: I recognize some of your desert pics too.

Good call. It usually takes at least couple KTMs to go as far as a Yamaha or Honda can ... :lol: :lol: :P
:thumb: Well it was a good one, more please. :ride:

Maybe I missed it, but where is this?

I guess I didn't say exactly where this was.:doh: I staged off of Stoddard Wells Rd., just outside of Stoddard Valley OHV Area. Most of the ride took place to the east of there, around Ord Mtn. All of this is in the Barstow area.
Great ride report Rolls, glad you got the bike back together.
High 5 on the solo ride, Riding with a group is fun, but nothing like a ride by yourself to clear the cobwebs outta your head and be one with nature. A little dangerous, but so is sky diving. No risk, no reward.
And roost for setting the little guy free from the cup.