My new 2002 CR 250

So i had a wild goose chase goin from my house to marrieta, the 2001 i looked at had way to many problems, pipe dented, linkage was shit, fork seals blow, needed a new top end, thing was basicaly a pile of shit with some nice graphics, we left, i remembered another bike, it was a 2002 cr 250, so we went back to my house, got some more cash, then left with some map quest directons, we got lost so many times on the way there it wasnt even funny, we were somehwere in the boondocks or some shit, thought we were gonna get jacked in the hills, we finaly reached the place at about 830, everything checked out on the bike not a single problem, rode it around for a few minutes in the dark, thing was bitchin, my uncle who weighs 240 also rode it and the front tire was still comin way off the ground everytime he hit the gas, and it wasnt even fully warmed up yet, heres some pictures, im uploading a helmet cam of it right now, ill update it later


Nice bike Jeremey, looks clean. It looks like it might have a bit of a spooge leak. Change your packing and the connector boot gaskit between the pipe and the sliencer. :thumb: Drain and put in fresh premix, install new plug. report back. :smirk:

Its a honda :puke: Get out there and ride it, can't wait for helmet cam vids!

At least its a smoker!! BRAAAPPPPP!!!!! :lol:
no, thats from test riding it last night, its like a black peice of mud thats on the swingarm, its not oil, but it does need some fresh packing, i will check the sparkplug tommorow
Thats a pretty sick ride ya got there. It does sound just a little rich, loaded up, or just not warmed up all the way. Either way its better than what you were riding.
yeah, definitly wasnt warmed up all the way, i had only rode it from my garage to where i turned the helmet cam on, which is a only a few hundred feet away, so next time ill get some helmet cam footage when its actualy been running for a few minutes lol
keep up with the maintenance and the bike will last you forever! Check the reeds and find out if its been ported at all, cuz if you plan on keepin it and riding MX/woods might as well get it set up for that!