Injured My first ride/injury report


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Oh come on, his reply would be golf or crochet. :lol:
:lol: True. I've never gotten the point of golf, all I see is wasted land. :cry: Just think what kind of tracks could be built on those. :ride:
Man, that's a good word to hear before you get knocked out. :banana:
:thumb: Yeah no kidding, I almost wasn't sure if I'd heard right.
Will do! I talked to my girl about it and she understands now. She dont want me riding, but she doesn't want me to quit, cause she knows how it'll effect me. She's just worried. Same with Mamma. :blah:
:lol: Look at me, I've had some pretty grouchy days these past couple months. :cry:

On this same subject, I have a boss that always kept on telling me to quit riding and finding something else to do. So I asked him what other hobbies would give me this same "rush", but nothing he suggested excited me. Then a couples days ago we were talking about it again and I decided to show him a riding video. :lol: After it was over he was like "Whoa, Ok I can see what you mean now". :smirk:
Will do!

I left the camera and SD card at my Dad's over the week so I haven't gotten to try and recover it. I may have to wait until I bring it back to my Mom's Monday because internet up there is limited. I hope it works.
what happened to Rack?
He wiped out while wake-boarding and screwed something up in his neck. Thankfully I think everything is back to normal now. :thumb: