MI Mud Nationals, US27 Motorsports

Anybody go? It was amazing! Quad drags, mud pit, side by side course, MORE DRAGS! Everything from banshees to predators, it was awesome. Anyone see that girl dragging? She was insane. Just wondering if anybody went, if you didn't you missed out! Had a great time, and got in free! It's nice to know people in the shop. :smirk:
It was called the Mud Nationals, i don't know if it's a traveling event or what, but its basically just at a dealership near me, people sign up to drag their quads, bikes, side by sides, basically anything but trucks. There was another event, the same thing, in the early summer this year. I know some people at the dealership that run the show, i'm going to sign up to work the event next year! :ride:

It was awesome, not to mention we met some pretty nice girls.lol :smirk: