I have not ordered from here. I normally buy form my local shop. 199 Lives is a good vid if you like Travis.
Went there and saw the trailer to Offroad w/ Nathan Woods. I was thinking this looks really good. Then I saw "Nathan Woods Memorial Fund." Turns out he passed recently after a WORCS practice crash on 1/28 in Taft, CA.

All proceeds for his video go to his family through the memorial fund until 2/15. Check it out:

On another note Throttle is a really good vid:
Moto 1
Moto 2
Kickstart 1
Kickstart 2
The Tough one
RedBull Romaniacs
The Roof of Africa
Hell's Gate

(2) Offroad How to with Nathan Wood. 2 hours before his accident.

Many more to order soon.