Outstanding - mine is placed just so that everyone understands, if the door is open (I love to read and watch the Chipmunks) someone (me) is busy! :lol: And seriously Buck, I would have a Lawyer that knows oil/gas rights look at that offer :thumb:
My best friend's dad bought a 130 acre farm YEARS ago and paid $450 an acre. He leased it out to local farmers for crops. Two years ago, he sold the gas and oil rights for $1500 per acre. The gas company came in and put a driveway into a "Y" that went to two twenty yard square fenced squares containing two brine tanks and a well head. Today, you don't notice them, and the game is not affected. I talked to my buddy and his dad about this, and they both said I'd be INSANE not to take $2K per acre, let them drill, and possibly negotiate free gas for my cabin! Actually, they said, they would kick me in ass if I didn't jump on it! They said they will look over the lease for me. I trust them!
I definitely say get at least a little professional advice. The accountant 100% for sure and seriously consider running it across a lawyer. It should not be that expensive.
:lol: :smirk: You just made me laugh out loud! :lol: You speak gospel on the crapper topic my friend! :lol:

A good double mantle Coleman lantern heats the seat up a bit when its no degrees outside, and eliminates the steam from your breath when you exhale so you can see the type on the article you must read that morning! I have the optional door kicker that keeps it open in daylight hours so I can keep an eye on the woods! :lol:
I think we'll have to start a new thread:thumb:
Here is ("was"-gave it up last year) my baja retreat, maybe the nicest outhouse in all of Baja?

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2k per acre? That seems low to me but then again we're comparing apples to oranges. Plain ole farmland goes for more then that around here.

However if the going rate is/was $1,500 then yeah you'd be a little :doh: not to take it. :smirk: :thumb:
James, I don't think he was selling his land. Only the mineral rights. They were going to give him 2k per acer for the mineral rights so they can mine the natrual gas off of it. He might as well sell it. If not, they will buy the lands next door and then go underground to get what they want.