Mihylo33 in the house as requested.....

So Jackson409, Nighthawk016 and a couple of others convinced me to come here and sign up.
Some of you might know me from Thumpertalk fame. I run a thread called 06 RM250 Reddiwhipped which which is code for "doing what I want". We have alot of fun there but lend a hand whenever possible... Maybe I'll get asked to share the real reddiwip story and how all this debauchery came about. Maybe James will give me my own forum oage here! For now I'll show ya little of what I got!.... I'm all about MX and the bitches. Wife just recently left. Thank God for that cause I hate that bitch! I ride alot usually, have a local pitbike series, but LOVE my 06 RM250! I can never get enough seat time on that bike... Silkolene is the only oil I use except for Rotella in my diesel..... Now here are some of my bitches and a little of how phuched up I am!!!!! Enjoy!


And me and my son at Unadilla for the national weekend!
Tato and Luke Unadilla 09.jpg