Other might be gettin 2 new bikes

Well i got them today... one is a 84 xr350

Rebuilt motor.. twin carb... the motor is not bolted in or anything.. im going to take it off the frame and pull the head covor off and see if i can see anyhting they replace'd or find any surprises... they told my buddys its freshly rebuilt not even been ran yet... it had fresh sealent on it..... but im not conviced lol.. it has a CRAP load of compression... its needs some work to get to be a running bike.. but has head light and brake light... should be a solid bike

75 xl350...supposed to run really good... been sitting for about 10 years tho... they broke the key off in the ignition..and tried to hot wire it..has the wiring all messed up...i jamed a screw driver in the ignition and it turn on :picard:... so after i fix up the wiring and pull the carb... and im going to pull the tank off and clean it up the best i can..

i need to get some manuals for these bikes.. but im going to wait till i get my other two bikes going...