Mechanics of Jumping???

I think what i was doing was a bit wrong but i also think its because i wasnt even attempting to clear the jump in that pic at that time. Now i am starting to try (and have a few times) and clear that table top and i dont lean back. I also trained myself to not lean back as thats what i thought was right at the time. Even still, if i feel like im not gonna clear the jump or im gonna case i still get back like that. Hard for me to really debate that issue tho. I am learning and from what everyone on the track has told me so far is to not lean back like that... i stopped doing it and in 1 day at the track alone i jumped 5 jumps i never even tried before AND finally cleared that table top which is the longest jump on the track. so something must be right.

each week that i go to the track i am getting better. which in return makes the riding even funner.

I cant wait to take some of these skills out to a trail or the desert.


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Back on task.

Travace is back a bit:rolleyes:, to far? That is debatable.

Reminds me of somebody my son was shooting with the camera on Friday:lol:

So watch one of the all tine style guys on a 85, note how far back he gets to lift
the front over everything. While I agree "our style" is not the best; it is very effective
in deep woods with rocks, ruts, and tree roots everywhere.
Is that you in the picture? :smirk:

Yes "hanging off the back" will bring the front end up. Good for trails, but not always good for motocross. :P

And about the video, if you look at every time he jumped his head was over the bars. And the reason he was "hanging off the back" at the end of the video was to get traction, notice the wheelie. :lol: That was awesome how he kept that big bike behind him.