look what i did!

:wink: well guys, here is a salute to all those so very close to their bikes. while my folks were outside, i brought my bike in because i was getting that lonely feeling and put it right in the middle of the living room :grin:






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:lol: That's AWESOME :banana:

So have they found out yet? I guess if we don't see you online for awhile we know what happened. :smirk:
jsut be carefull with that stand on that hardwood floor. i gues its jsut the parent in me but id be pissed if you scratched my nice floor.
hahaha itwas haliourious, and yeah i was careful with the stand, i had to pe because over the winter when its really bad out i was gonna make it shine and see if i could leave in the house all winter, if im not riding