Life of your bike

Lets see the phases of your bike from start to now.







My bikes are :snore: in hibernation with Sta-Bil Slooooowling coursing through their carberated veins....probably making work for me to put in a couple of stints and Code Blue them up this springtime! The gas is junk!

Kick ass! The time changed this weekend! It is not forever dark and gray in Midwest America! The ice has broken!

For all you SoCal'ers, you don't know what a happy time this is!

I got 16 inches of snow last Thursday, and its gone now! I hope it's the last! :banana:

I'm ready to ride!:thumb:
If I had pictures of her before (which I don't) the only changes would be the black shrouds which were a faded yellow (actually looked like lime green), and grips...other than that...not much of a change...The real change is when she begins to look like a 511 because THAT's what she'll actually be! I'm hoping! :banana:
Why did you go to the extreme of even changing which side the exhaust runs? :smirk: You did a lot of work here, maybe it would have been less expensive to just buy a different bike. :thinking:

That and the engraving on the side of the case....I can't quite make it out but I know it doesn't say Yamaha......Could say "Made Special for CDA" or ??? :smirk: