2 Stroke Lets See Them Cr250

Just wanting to see some pics of your guys cr250's. Here is my 1998 Cr250r




:thumb: Nice scooter. That bad tire looks like it has a few more miles left on it..:smirk:

Here is an old '86 CR250 and a 86 CR500
My favorite year of all time for the 250 was '99. Great graphics and probably the best engine quality. Unlike the '03 125's. Getting my cr250 next season, ill upload pics!
Here's the 1992 I sold in order to get my current ride:


I had just put the black plastic, graphics, chain, sprockets, and D756 front tire on and then immediately sold everything. I think that was around 2002. That was favorite CR250 generation. I'd like to have a '95 or '96, but I think I'm probably just too tall to really fit on them. :cry:
White is good color on the CRs. :thumb: Black shows every imperfection, so I guess selling my '92 with all the new plastic was a blessing in disguise; I didn't have watch it go to Hell from use. :thinking: