Lets Ride!

Man I am so jacked. We have been getting snow and rain. The race should be awesome! No dust now and the sand should hold good and give everyone some awesome traction. I hope to pre-ride the track and get some killer spots to shoot from. Ahhhh I just wanna ride and ride hard! :ride::ride::ride:
Sorry Guys you won't care about it. Its here in Idaho. Its one of the 100 mile Hare and Hound Races. I desided I can't wait that long so I'm going riding after work as long as the sun is still shining!
I couldn't handle it and had to go ride. Of course no one to ride with so I was burning it solo. Well stopped and shot a few shots before the ride back. Got back a little after dark....okay 2 hours after dark but all was good. You guys missed out.



And this is why my dirt bike has a light!:smirk::P