Legends Raceway

Ok finally after so long I got to ride and I can definitely feel it right now :ride: . This was my first time at this track and I will be going back. Other than muddy slop at the first of the day, which is normal, it cleared up and I had a blast.

Here's my bike after the first run out:


Me getting ready to go back out:


Straight away before the first turn, this is where it was sloppy all day:


After the finish line jump:


The finish line jump, had a poor run up to it, and I think this is the one I busted my balls :banghead: :


Finish line again:


Me jumping one of the tables, you can't really see it because my bro sucks at taking pics :lol: :


Last ride of the day:

yea but your bike has monster graphics ...ugggg. i use to drink that shit and it would **** me up make me sick and give me heat exhaustion. so now i am not down with anything monster


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:thumb: Good report Williams, now I also need to get some pictures at the track so I can do a real ride report. :smirk:

Is that the track that was in the youtube video you had posted earlier?