KX250, Beginner bike?

:thumb:Welcome Harry. :canada: I'm practically your relative. Great peeps around these parts. I'm going to toss out the KDX 200 or 220. If you are riding trails, those are wonderful bikes! Otherwise, just bite the bullet and by a CR 500 - you will learn how to respect the throttle! :thumb:
Ya know at 14/130 it will be a LOT of bike for ya. Don't think you can hop on and start hard charging, you will have to grow into it, but growth spurt comin on you will just have to be patient. yea right the forte of the teenager :) patience
It's a friends bike did ya take it for a spin?
I'm probably gonna get over ruled on this one, but my personal opinion is that would be a great beginner bike, first reason is, a 250 has more torque than a 125, you can ride a gear higher or so and have manageable power for a beginner, and you can grow into the power the bike has in it's mid range as you learn. Secondly it is an inexpensive and relatively simple bike to maintain, it wont break the bank as a 4 stroke might.

what year we talking about? if it is in good condition and 1200 may be a killer price
I'm 12 and 5"9 but been riding since i was 7 would this be a good choice?