All kicking it around.

Anyone want to do a overnighter the weekend of the 21st roughing it at ow ? Come out friday/friday night or saturday morning and stay saturday night ride a bit on Sunday. This might be the weekend Palmer is out there too. Allready talked to Turkey sandwich and Jerm about this weekened.

Lets do it if the weather is nice. The Holidays are over there will be plenty of sporadic weekened trips. I'd go next weekend but I have to work.

My Presidents week trip is actually the Feb 23/24 after Presidents day. Still can make SX at Qualcom.:thumb:
Nope, I'll be there this next weekend. 14, 15, 16 and maybe 17.
Weather is going to be nice and the wind is low all this week into the weekend. Hope it stays like that.
Because I am doing the anti "W" dance all week long. :smirk:
I have a bunch of stickers but I'll leave them at home. I was going to plaster them all over the new signs just so they would think it was you. :banana: :banana:

They have your number. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P
im gonna be out there for the day on next sat gary... where are you gonna be ?

and dont think i can camp the whole weekend of the 21st but maybe i can make it out for the day.

and it wasnt me who put a sticker on the awning #42 on chihula rd :devil:
About a mile up County line is the usual spot. You still have my numbers? Look for a circle of MH, TH and Pick ups, my silver Taco will have a blue and tan Tent in the bed and a green ez up right behind it , with another three man next to that for my kid, beer, gear and food.
Timoyz I must say that sucks.

I think it might turn out to be a good thing. I've not been happy there for a while, and with the current pay cut, no more free gas, and the F'd up Tuesday thru Saturday no OT schedule, I'm ready to go. I've got a few good leads going already, with more squish then I would have ever gotten at my current job. I'll be screwed as far as getting those week long Turkey, and New Years trips off, and there will be no more free powder coating, not mention no more safety meetings so I can pass any pre-employment tests, but a change of scenery will be good. :rocker:

You will eventually get a week off after a year? Most likely not those holidays though ?

With both my boys being out of high school this year. I might try to skip the big holidays unless thats when thier time off city college classes are. :noidea:
So know one really could make it this weekend so I'll just catch a day ride in JV with my boys and save some squish untill a few more peeps want to go.:thumb:
JV has a district 37 race this weekend. Would you like to go to Stoddard on Sunday? I am going with my boys and meeting up with bajayaxi and son either before or at lunch at the /X by 1pm. You in?
For some reason I thought that ride was today and knew I couldn't be there on time from being tired from work. I'll go to the thread. In the mean time it's 9:am and i'm still in my pj's,the spirit isn't very moving this morning.I have about 1:30 at the most to get em in the truck and leave the house before it's too late.Doesn't look promissing.:doh: