kicken back, feelin so right, cause it saturday night!!!!!

im excited as heck! plus school pics are tomarrow, im wearing levi 517's and a fox racin jersey, A-MEN! plus i picked up a mossberg 500 pump action 20 gauge combo shotgun :banana::banana::banana::thumb::thumb::thumb:
What are Levi 517's? Don't tell me your one of the kids that looks like he has his sisters pants on. I would guess not considering you are into guns but I had to ask.
:thumb:hahaahaha i shot paint cans from 60 yrds easy to, almost all my shot hit with a full choke, plus my jumps are set up to out back :banana:
well on this wonderful saturday night im stuck at home watching HGTV. it is sooooo boring, and i gotta pee and my mom and dad are taking up the bathrooms :(
hey hey now...yes pich a loaf to be exact :lol::lol::lol: and i agree peeing outside is peace at mind. we have 3 bathrooms. but one my dad wont let us in because its getting touched up, well painted