Just watch.

Those dirt track racers are koo koo:crazy:

I was at a dirt track national race out at Willow Springs and I couldnt take my eyes off them. So darn fast gliding somewhat out of control. I saw some real nasty high speed crashes. One of them I was sure he broke both legs. He hobbled onto the back of another bike carrying him off the track. Im sure it was adrenilin doing the hobbling for him because Im certain he had to have broken both legs. An hour later I finally get back over to the big track to watch the road racing and was told I missed some good racing but I beg to differ! These dirt track racers are nuts and it was exciting to watch even if they are going in circles:smirk:

YEP, dirt trackers are cool! I wish I could back it in like that:hail:
Ventura Raceway is a blast, perhaps a DBA race night get together is in order, especially to support one of our own.
Todays quiz - what does the song Y.M.C.A. mean at Ventura Raceway?
You got a bike I can use ? That is what your saying right ? :smirk: Or do I just through on some slicks ? :shocked:

:thumb: :lol:
ill have a 19 rear class c tire soon, its used but not used up :thumb: there is a knobby class so no need for flattrack tires