250F It's that time again.

Figure I'd come up with some love for the Green forum Since it doesn't have too many threads in it yet.I haven't Had a Chance to check out Cutting Torches latest up date in his thread and post.

So I started Going over the bikes tonight and making a shopping list.Well more like a wish list. It consist of two sets of tires, brake pads,front and rear for three bikes,and a braided front brake line for the kxf 270.It seems to expand and the front brake is crappy.All ready been through the master cylinder. I tell ya what, Rocky Mountain beat Motosports price by about 45.00(gotta save some $ first.) even with out tire combos.. I could probably do with out the tires for a little bit as I have a front take off in the garage which I need. The rear tires on both the KXF's have some life left on them.Not to happy with the 952's.That's the first time I ran them. They didn't chunk apart and lasted a season and a half but the Knobbies didn't have very deep cuts seperateing them and they are three wide in the center. So now that cuts/groves are gone there like paddle tires.:lol: Wish I had a knobbie knife.:thumb:
Thinking about trying the new mx51's unless you guys have a better suggestion.All so thinking about going back down on the 250 to a 90/100 from a 110 to get more free spin. Think a 100 is too skinny for the dez and hills traction wise ? I was thinking to drop some tire weight and still run a 80/110 but the lower profile scares me compared to 90 side wall cuz of they rocks and flats. Any suggestions?:thumb::noidea:

Here's the other thing I was thinking about. :thinking: Do you think theres a big differance between $15-$20 pads(Tusk) as opposed to $30-$35(EBC) sintered pads. What's up, or who has used the carbon/kevlar pads too ? And is a Less expensive braided brake line $ 45.00 (tusk-made by Golhper) as good as a real brand name Golhper @ $69.99 ?

Other Than that they are all running good. The 07 kxf 270 got vales and a piston @ 116hrs and totally rebuilt except for the trans @ 241hrs in February.. All ready has +27 hrs. I haven't repacked that pipe since it got put on at 116hrs when the top ends were done. :lol: I mighta wanta take a look at that.:smirk:
My 07 450 is up to 159hrs with no trouble. I wanta put a piston in it badly. I can smell oil burning some times when it's really hot, from day one since I got it..Never see any smoke and never need oil.Just don't seem right though.:smirk:

The Honda 06 250x with RHC valves is up to 158hrs since they were put in after the first 100hrs or so. I've shimmed the intakes, first time after break in at 10 hrs, then about 60hrs apart the last two times. Only about .001"-.002" each time. So not bad at all.Almost time for a piston anyway.:smirk: Ron said I could put YZ450F buckets in and shim whole nother spectrum.:thumb::smirk:

So we'll wash em up and save a little cash for some parts. Can't say as I'm done for the summer but it normally goes like that. Hope to get up to KM This summer,but I do every summer and never make it.:blah::blah::blah:

Looking forward to a New season. Only 3-4 months to go.:thinking:


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Yeah last time a placed an order, RM beat Motosport on pretty much everything. (:devil: don't forget to click through the ad links on the left side :hail:):smirk:

Around here the MX51 is pretty popular, just got some but haven't been able to use them yet. Can't provide any insight on the tire width for trails though.

IMO Tusk is a pretty decent company, I've gotten some of their products for so cheap that I figured they would be junk, but I was pleasantly surprised. :thumb: And if I remember right I do use Tusk brake pads.

:lol: You haven't repacked your exhaust in 116 hrs? :shocked: Damn, isn't it really loud or the power gone? I usually replace mine every 30-40 hrs or if it gets wet.

:prof: Preventive maintenance on that piston. When was the last time you put new rings in?

I think I found most of your questions in that narrative, It's like "where's waldo". :smirk:
Oh Thank you! Thank you for talking to me.

Good to hear your report on Tusk.

The pipe isn't all that loud. but it does bug me in camp when he's warming up. It was a loud pipe to start with and probably a half more louder now.

I know what your saying about Pm on that piston. Word! Never have reringed.It's a 450 And I couldn't miss any power. Chris's piston cracked between the rings 8hrs more time then when we put his last piston in. 30 miles away from camp. 8 hrs to long.

We'll stand by on more tire info. What profile do you run at the track james ? 80 - 90 ?
I run tusk brake pads and their sweet! i got the cheapest ones and they work fine. I have no job and basically no income socheap is good. tusk makes decent parts!