Its killin me to not ride while the ribs heal

I just got this submarine back together and need to ride, but my ribs keep reminding me that I shouldnt. Gonna go shooting and fishing this next week to help keep my mind off of riding. How long til the ribs are healed up from your experience?
I feel for ya... so i sent ya some roost.

if i dont ride at least 1 time a week i am one cranky soab... i dont know how long ribs take to heal but GL and get well soon.
Well the last time i cracked ome ribs it took like three months or more to heal :banghead: But i was able to ride and work threw the hole time, the docter told me to to use them so that they stay flexable. so screw it go ahead :ride:
ditto PBK i've broken/bruised ribs i don't know how many times. a few times it took the better part of 3-4 months to fully heal. the first few weeks are the worst. can't laugh, sneeze, cough, hell can't even breath without pain... but it slowly subsides some and you'll be able to get back into things. just take a few days, heal up a bit until the edge is off and you fee like you can handle getting bumped around :thumb: hope you heal quickly though, i think bruising ribs hurt worse than an actual break :(
Screw the Ribs.Those are good with BBQ sauce. Where you going fishing at ? I used to like to fish Edison.Good Brown fishing.
Hey Mike - I can relate. Sneezing is a no-no. (Pluck some nose hairs - it's good therapy :smirk:) I had a bad get off a couple of years ago and busted some ribs - I'm pretty sure I did not ride again that season. For me it was a couple of months before I felt better. Hope you heal up pronto-like. :thumb:


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Hey Mike - I can relate. Sneezing is a no-no. (Pluck some nose hairs - it's good therapy :smirk:)
:lol::lol: Now THAT sounds like good advice or have somebody do this to you. :smirk: