It's a Doggy Dog world.


Almost 45 lbs now. Pixie was a”puppy” for about a month
The ceremonial start of the 2023 Iditarod in Anchorage the official restart will be tomorrow in Willow, in the pits with Team Petit, Nicholas Petit will be starting with 12 dogs. The Owner of our shop will be manning the tag sled until the end of the ceremonial start, by the way, his dogs were probably the best behaved team there. Go Nic!
He's still out running the last leg, today? I see he's down to 9 dogs, do they get tired and you leave them in a pit with the crew?
Interesting to see how far some dogs can run in a day! -BIG DAN:thumb:
I know all his dogs made it in, he treats his dogs as good or better than anyone running a team. A couple dogs had lost more weight than Nic was comfortable with so they rested accordingly at some of the later checkpoints. If for example some of his dogs became to ill for some reason to continue they can ride in the sled or the team will just scratch, Some mushers will push for the win at the expense of the dogs, but with Petit the dogs come first, it’s was fun being around Nic, he’s not bad for a French guy….. I’ve learned about 98% of what I know about this race in the last 2 weeks,