It's a Doggy Dog world.

Lots of heavy breathing for no reason, went to the vet, congestive heart failure. Got her on a few medicines but won’t be too long and I’ll lose the best dog. 11 years is a pretty good run.

Sorry John. My rat terrier gave me 11 years end of Jan, so I got a new one in June.
She never leaves the yard. Neighbors leash stretchers bark their brains out trying to get at her sitting on my porch and she just looks at em, no collar, no chip. If I notice she’s not in the house for some reason, I open the door and she’s standing there, wagging that nub waiting to get in. I’m gonna miss her more than the wife!
Good baby

Got hit by a car yesterday. Wife was walking her, along with dog sitting my daughters dog, a 1yr old 65lb brindle pit boxer attention demanding leash stretcher. Wife was preoccupied and Kawlee wandered into the street(no leash) and got knocked 15ft by a ground effect civic. Went to the vet for X-rays and found no fractures. Said she’ll be sore for a few days.
This dog, at one-year-old, was riding in the passenger seat in my sons lap, and leaped from the suburban window at 30 miles an hour and hit the ground and rolled into a ditch. Vet, no fractures. Picked a fight with a Grand Pyrenees a feyears ago and got bit to fuck needing several stitches and tried to attack our neighbors Doberman.Stupid dog, she’s just like her daddy. Almost 12 and popping doggie codeine pills and living to fight another day.


Kawlee says, “Honda’s suck!”
I would send a pic of my shop buddie , if he would come around in daylight . Just shows up after dark grabs a bite then dissapears .... acts like he is beaten , very skiddish , but sometimes lets me pet him .....
Pretty spot , wish we had some like that around here ..... not possible with the asshole heathans around here respect for nature , trashed out , overrun by 4 wheeler types ..