It's a Doggy Dog world.

In plain english... YOU - ARE - AN - ASS :prof: ... get it.... got it.... good! :moon:

oh yeah :hug: Merry Christmas, give my best to Corine! :D
:D:hug: You lied to me about your son calling you so you could get on here and do this? Your right... you are a PIG!!!! :bonk:

Rat Terriers dummy!
Less hyper.
NOOOOOOOO. we've got 3... 2 of them she HAD to have... 1 is ok the other is a little wacked.... I mean (if anyone wants a full grown dog) is fantastic!
You got a fenced yard and I am coming early in the AM for a drive by dumping. :smirk:

You can thank me latter!
Can someone tell me why all of a sudden my youtube videos show up as links instead of a video thumbnails on tapatalk?