Other IT 465

My buddy restored this thing

Damn. Looks just like the one my old man had. That sure brings back some memories. Of course, the memories are of me as a little guy eating 465 roost while my dad laughed, but hey.... Theyre memories all the same. :smirk:
:thumb: Nice 425. My dad had one as well. I remember riding it when my IT 175 broke second gear.
A+ restoration! my dad has a 78 IT400
at one time we considered adding a 490, drove to phoenix to check it out, rode it up and down the street, it was an impossibility to keep the front wheel on the ground.
That is just wrong.

It's way too clean. The 465 is way better than the 490 in the engine department. The 490 is and impossible to jet ping and seize monster.