Is there a way?

Hey is there a way to attach a Google Earth Map to your posts that shows your route? I know how to load my routes on Google Earth but I don't know how to share them.

I thought it would be cool for use to build a data base so when someone traveled or something they knew where they could ride from our maps.
I would be careful about posting ride routes, you never know who who is watching.
I would like to know if there is a way to P.M. routes.
The counties and such have maps here but unless you get a map there is no way to know about some. I'm not saying do anything against the law and share but maybe share.

Could you expand what your worried about? I'm getting back into the bikes and just not sure what the risk is your worried about?
You have a great idea, and sharing ride routes is cool. The problem is that enviro nazis are viewing dirtbike forums and collecting any info they can to use against us. Even ride routes on 100% legal riding areas piss them off.
I am all for sharing ride routes, I think it has to be done privately. Same with ride reports, keep posting them, don't post specifics. If anyone wants to know where any of my photos are taken, PM me. If I know you, or recognize your name I will gladly share info.
a great way to do this would be for us to sign up on
its a pretty sweet site and there is apps you can dl for your android phones or iPhones that will allow you to actually record your way via the GPS and then it uploads it to the site. People can then even dl your route to regular GPS devices as well as take your recorded trip off your GPS device and upload to the site or to your GPS device. Its a pretty sweet site. I havent really used it for :ride: yet but i have done a cool hike thats out in anza borrego. you can see it here....

as for security issues you can make them private as well so that only friends can view.