Round 1 - 01/16/11 - LUCERNE VALLEY,CA
Round 2 - 02/27/11 - LUCERNE VALLEY, CA
Round 3 - 03/20/11 - RED MOUNTAIN, CA
Round 4 - 04/10/11 - LUCERNE VALLEY, CA
Round 5 - 05/15/11 - GORMAN, CA
Round 6 - 09/18/11 - ANZA, CA
Round 7 - 10/16/11 - RED MOUNTAIN, CA
Round 8 - 11/14/11 - LUCERNE VALLEY, CA

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Early this year, Freshman Enduro Steward Joe Bianchi and District 37 President Jerry Grabow started brainstorming a way to grow the District 37 Enduro Series back to its former greatness. At one point the Enduro series was where true champions were made and now is all but looked over among the other D37 desert events.

They found that there were several KEY areas in which the District 37 Enduro series was falling short:

Lack of Publicity - No one really knows that we have an enduro series. Its 5 rounds smashed in between 40 desert races with an asterix reading "also pays desert points"

Lack of General Knowledge - peope just dont know what an enduro is or how they would do it. No one has taken the time to show them or they have not taken the time to learn.

Loss of Family Atmosphere - while few of the enduros still hold family rides on saturday there are some clubs that just dont have the man power. The courses are often to difficult to bring family members on and it becomes a Sunday only event.

To Help address these problems and add more to the series Bianchi and Grabow recruited 4 Aces Enduro racer Kelly Christensen to head up a committee of Enduro clubs to band together, pull the series out from the shadows of the Desert Races and create a family environment while still maintaining the elite competition that District 37 Enduro is known for. The Enduro Clubs - 4 Aces MC, Prospectors MC, Training Wheels MC, United MC, Ventura County MC - have formed the Western Enduro Promoters group (WEPG) and bring you the 2011 Checkpoint Enduro Championship.


The main goals of the CHEC:

-Promote the series with a stand alone website where riders can get updates, results, point standings, event information, contact their steward, helpfull hints and get redirected to the Enduro Message Board.

-Expand ridership by offereing more rider friendly, yet still challenging, courses with the 3 loop format. 1st loop fun, 2nd loop challenging, 3rd loop difficult.

-Host the new Family Enduro Series which will take place the saturday prior to every enduro and will provide a fun safe way to train, leard and teach Enduro. People will have the opportunity to ride with Pro's and the more experienced riders and learn first hand how an enduro is ridden.

-Additionally, expand ridership by promoting the series and highlighting it among the D37 desert races as the "Thinking Man's Race" where you get all the same terrain and MORE that you would get in a desert race without the bomb run and "hold it to the yolk" riding style needed for normal desert races.

-Recruit new and old riders into Enduro Clubs and District 37 Clubs alike to help keep Desert events alive. With more Club participation organize more Enduro events to fill out a complete 8 Schedule comprised of only Enduro Events.

-As a long term goal the WEPG will expand the Enduro series beyond District 37 and work towards creating a National Western or Regional AMA series.

Chair - Kelly Christensen
Vice Chair - Erek Kudla
Steward - Joe Bianchi
Sectretary - Steve Dombovary
Treasurer - Richie Wohlers
Family Enduro - Rob Wranosky

download the press release for information >> HERE

For additional information email
Hey Ridechec, glad you came by and posted this up. This looks like a great series and I am sure you will get some good turn outs once this news spreads around. Welcome and keep us updated on D37 events..:thumb::ride:
I like it! I've been wishing to ride more enduros.
Rack, we need to get together and discuss setting up a "group" to participate in as many as we can.
I had a blast in District 36 events, and it sounds like these folks want to do it right.
Enduros are cool, because you do not need pit support. If you guys hit one, let me know and I can probably meet you guys out there. I have not rode an enduro in years.
While I've never competed in an enduro I do know that the "difficult" loop last year at Spangler (Red Mountain) went down Royal Flush. I'm pretty sure that the difficult loop has a few obstacles of similar challenge.
Thanks for everyone's interest in the series!!!

These events are definitely top notch. Each Club has been putting their respective event from 25 to 50 years so every single one is amazing! Now we've all banded together to form this series to help grown Enduro as a whole!

Here are some videos of the events from the different riding areas with a breif description.

_________________________ - Nick Blais on Loop 3 of 2010 4 ACES Burro Enduro

Lucerne Valley - Very spacious at 90 Square miles with a variety of Rock ranges to crawl through from Lava Rock to Large Boulders to slippery shale. It has a mixture of Medium packed to soft packed dirt and actually has 1 or two sand dunes on its edges. There are no paved rd. crossings and very little civilian traffic to worry about.

On a scale of 1-10 its easiest terrain is around a 2 1/2 due to its sandy, rocky nature. its most difficult terrain is a 10 with some of the gnarliest rock waterfalls, uphills, downhills and ravines.

Enduro Clubs usually stick to around 6-7 at its most difficult on the final loop.

______________________ - 1st and 2nd loop of the 2010 TWMC Enduro

Red Moutain - A little more limited riding area as there is a town within a few miles. There are 2 main highways that bisect the competition area and several less traveled paved roads. The riding terrain halso has many variations from large rock formations to weave through to a Heavily mined mountain range to the end of the 'sand hills' and through the tight brush. The ground is very hard packed with a thin layer of soft stuff on top to medium packed sand and some clay.

On a scle of 1 to 10 its easiest stuff is a 1. There are lots of smooth places and the hard packed nature makes it much easier to rid eon. Its most difficult terrain is an 8. It has some really gnarly rocky sections and water falls but there is only mountain range with really difficult trails.

Most clubs keep it around 6-7 for their toughest stuff.

_______________________ - 1st Loop of the VCMC Qualifier

Hungry Valley SVRA - Very Unique to District 37. Its been described as being similar to riding in D36. The event stages from a motocross track and head out into the Hungry Valley SVRA and makes its way into the National Forest. The track is a natural track with big turns and utalizes the hills as jumps. The SVRA is very hard packes with soft on top and a little sand here and there. Very fast, blue groove in some places and also has some very tight single track through the manzanitas. The National forest is very tight signle track with lots of turns, elevation changes, rock gardens and trees to dodge.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 the easiest stuff is a 1. Trucks, Jeeps, Quads and UTVs are ALL welcomed in the SVRA. The most difficult stuff is a 5 1/2. The toughest terrain is deep in the national forest and is not eligable for competition use. While the race is still one of the most grueling events in the series it is not due to difficulty, it is the change in elevation, the amount of turning that has to be done and usually the heat.

__________________________ - Corey Brown riding some single track

ANZA, CA - This will be the first time an Enduro/Qualifier has been held out at "the Ranch" so very little is known. But it is a 1000+ acre facility with several natural full-sized pro motocross tracks and nearly 30 miles of potential virgin trail. From the looks of it, it is much like the Tecate Enduro terrain, Sandy with some boulders and lots of Chapparrell.

The hosting club (VCMC) is still on the fence about what format (Enduro or Qualfier) they will run at this event but no matter what it is it will be AWESOME!!!