Installed the Tusk clutch kit


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So I went the cheap route and decided to try out the Tusk clutch kit. Found here

I went on a short ride and noticed more power to the ground. :ride: Plus I could actually get it in neutral without hopping off and doing it by hand. :lol:

Hopefully I can hit the track this week and get a better feal for it. :thumb:

Thanks for the recommendation guys.
I'm about to replace my Tusk clutch. I put it through hell and it is still sort of working. It slips some when the bike is cold, but when the engine reaches normal operating temp it holds a lot better. I fried it bad on more than one occasion. When you start smelling that burning clutch smell you know that its time for a new one. I think I did that at least three times to this clutch. Would an OEM be in the same state with this level of abuse? I'm not sure. I know that my previous OEM clutch did take what I think was a bit more punishment before failing. However, with the 3 to 1 price differential I'm sold on the Tusk clutch. I'll be ordering the replacement today.