Has anyone here ever installed radiant barrier in thier attic. I live in South Texas and looking for some ideas to cut the electric bill in the summer. I seen contractors offering to install radiant barrier for upwards of $1,500. :doh: Although it seems it can be a DIY project too. Anyone tried it? If so... notice any difference? Thanks in advance.


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Are you talking about something like this? Click Here And Here And no I haven't tried anything like that. It does sound like a good idea though, but how many months/years will it take to get your investment back?
It works pretty good along with R 30 on the attic floor and proper attic ventalation. It is not a fix all by it's. self. Dual pain windows are more of a plus. The radiant barrier is easy to install. Stay 2 ft away from the top plate/wall and 1ft away from the ridges on both sides and cut out around your vents.It comes in sizes according to your rafter span.