Injured I'm Walking!

Got the full doctor release to start putting pressure on my foot and spent my first full day walking without the wheelchair or crutches. I went and bought a pimp cane and now use it to help support the weight on that side until it gets stronger. :rocker:

I'm just bummed I could not find a cane with a sword or a gun in it. :lol:

Going on a nice 160 mile dual sport on Wednesday up to the lake Almanor region. Should be an epic fire road adventure. Oh, and my cane is collapsible and will fit in a backpack. Sweet!

Hope all you others that have injuries like mine or any other injury are healing as well as I am. Good Luck! :thumb:
I don't remember you being out. Glad to hear you are up and partially running again. Just be careful on the DS ride, even a fire road can get you if you aren't paying attention. :thumb:
Yeah, the trip I am taking is super easy. The fires roads are graded so smooth they are like hwys. Very well maintained. I will just go slow and take lots of pics and enjoy the scenery. I just have to get on that bike. I can't stand to stare at it any more and now that I can walk it will be easier to stop at the store and stuff.
Well, I've been walking with a cane for the past two days now and it's going pretty well except for the extreme swelling at the end of the day. Lot's of ice before bed and it looks fine in the morning. Doc says that is normal and I should expect that for up to a year.
Just thought I would update and let you all know that I got released from the Ortho clinic today with the ability to put full pressure on my ankle. I am walking without a cane and can almost keep up with a small child while walking. Since the removal of the large screw the healing process went overboard. The doctor said he has never seen anyone heal so quickly from such a horrific break. They even released me from physical therapy as I have been doing my own. So, 11 weeks after major surgery and I am about 75% back to normal. I am pretty amazed myself.

When the doc asked what I have been doing for physical therapy, I told him,

"Riding my dirt bike and my girlfriend as much as possible"

We both got a good laugh out of that one.

So, I am thinking about trying to make it to the T-Day ride!