Illegal Immigrant Denied Student Loan

I think she should raise the money by smuggling cocaine.

I think they real question is why is this a show? What qualifications do they have that I should care about their opinion?

I like it when he says "I LOVE her" hahaha so full of shit.
The chick on the show is stupider than me.Last time I checked the government wasn't paying Palins girl or the kardashins.
Can't she become a legal citizen. Whats wrong with community college until she become legal?
Illegal means you got nothing coming except EMERGENCY medical aid and a trip back to your country on our dime. No public school for kids, no welfare, not even possible to go to college. F em!! That and the crime and drugs they bring to our country, and the liberal dems, are what is dragging our country down.
The host of that show is an EXTREME liberal. I've seen him before. I"m really surprised he to that position