125 Idle on bike super high

I'm back with another issue on the 2006 yz125 this week I pulled the carbeurator to clean it because it was spewing from the overflow and found that it was full of sand. I used my air compressor and some gum out (carb cleaner) to clean out all the jets and the float. I put my carb back on my bike and it started except as soon as I start it it revs right up and the idle is extremely high. The throttle still snaps back like it should so I'm not sure what it is any ideas?


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This particular symptom is usually related to the slide not seating fully to the idle screw. Sometimes the slide can be installed backwards, or just not able to close fully causing crazy high idle. I check the slide install and cable tension to be sure it's actually closing fully.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
I'm looking at my bike now and the throttle cable seems very tight the slide looks like its closing but the throttle cable coming out of the top of the crab is rock tight and cant move it around with my finger at all