I See Theres Been Some Organizeing Around Here.

Looking Good!:thumb:

What are we gonna call the Ladies Forum?????????


D irty

B itches

A ??????? :smirk:

Now give us the CA Forum! damit!:prof:
I was going to say the same thing.

I think I'm the only bastard on here from the east coast, let alone the north east.

You westerners wanna ride some mud?:smirk:

We get it here too


Look at the smile on this bonger :lol:
Okay... just registered. Who runs this site? Seems to be allot of TT members over here. A little background?

Just what it looks like. A TT Team member got fed up, and started this little bit of heaven. So spread the word about it, but only to ok people, no Rangers, or assholes.:prof: