i need an affordable helmet light

Milk getting ready for work...


Shit...Dogg, kind of a pain in the ass to turn on and off wouldn't it? Unless of course you mod'd it to 1 switch then maybe it's OK except for the rats nest of wiring. I think it'll work, don't know about the others! Got a brake light to go with that set up???
i just don't see the point in dropping hundreds of dollars into something that's going to get used every once in a while. and i DEFINITELY don't want to light my bike itself up. don't need the weight etc... guess i'll just have to play around with some lights and see what i can come up with. with all the high output led's out now days though you'd figure there would be a decent headlamp that would put the beam down the range a good 100' or so :noidea: hell my buddy has a c cell flashlight that's brighter than a spotlight. no joke.

Night riding is pretty insane, and a blast. Definately something you are missing. I have only done it on quads, as I don't have a light for my bike, but I would love to get one. It is worth it and definitely fun.