I love old cars and truck !!

Here are my Dads old rides.

A 27 T with a EFI 302 Ford.

A 41 Ford Cab Over, getting redone to be a carhauler.

I think i just dribbled down my leg:shocked: Those things are sweet!!:thumb:I love the smell of a body shop maybe some day i can make it a hobbie to work on those old cars:thumb: Ro0st!!
I love old cars...I got so many pics for local car shows it's not even funny hahah. The last one I went to was the Revved up for kids car show that Edelbrock hosted in Torrance, Ca. The SAE team from CSULB was personally invited....haha we showed up with our little baja car, all got sigs from Vic and at the end of the day were handed a box of parts and accessories and told to "have fun" :banana::banana::smirk:
Had an uncut, almost stock '71 Bronco that my wife drove daily for a few years when the kids were young. Other kids would drool when my little girls would climb up the rear tires and jump over the sides to get in the back seat. That damn hard top was a bitch to put on and take off by myself as the seasons changed. Bought it for $3800 and sold it for $6400. Never should have sold it but she wanted AC and better rear seat access with a hard top. It was funny, first two times she drove it she walked home. One was a bad battery and the other was the fuel valve was set on the empty tank. Replaced it with an '89 Bronco.