Chest Protector HRP Chest Protector Products

At the start of the race season i bought a chest proctector from Hardcore Racing Products. So far i have been very impressed. you can get them so they are compatible with neck braces and with a number of other different options such as rib protectors or elbow gaurds that tie on so they dont slip down your arm. the quality is much higher than of any other chest protectors i have seen on the market. I use mine with the alpinestars chest neck brace without any problems.It kinda looks like a turtle shell in front but as long as it keeps my guts from getting skewered by a tree in a dez race im ok with that :thumb: all in all i give this product an A+. Will buy again if this one ever cracks or breaks but not much sign of wear after 8 months of hard riding,wrecking, and racing