How to build a workout routine

My last routine had a flaw, over traning and not giving time to recover. The muscle that you worked needs 48 hours to recover before you should work it again. My new routine goes

leg day
Leg press 5x20
Calf rise 3x20
Squat machine 3x20
Lunges 3x10

chest/arm day
Dumbell press 3x15
Bicep curls 3x20
Tricep Extensions 3x20
Forearm Curls 3x20

back day
Rows 3x20
Lat Pulldown 3x20
Bent Over Barbell Rows 3x20

shoulder day
Seated Military Press 3x20
Shrugs 3x15

hell day
Cleans 3x15
Deadlift 3x5
Squat 3x10

Sat and sun are rest days then repeat.

Only time i use heavy weight is on deadlift
IM not consistently riding on a day right now :cry: i train for endurance, wrestling... cant gain mass or i am out of my competive weight class (215) and in to the scary fatass class (285)
i run enough other places... wrestling...

You run when you are wrestling? I never seen anyone run while wrestling. I thought you was suppsosed to hug and tug on the ground not run??

and all joking should take lugnuts advice. work your Chest and tri's one day and your back and bi's on another. Never work them on the same day.