How Often Do You Lube The Chain

IN RACkS (and many others) defense your "use of words" didn't make us think having a bike was in the past only the type of lube used was in the past PLUS you said "plus 2 of the new ones" which to me sounds like you still have a M/C...:prof:..That is all, just straightening things out! :thumb:

Thanks Rez :thumb:
I use Silkolene chain lube and haven't had any problems with it flinging or anything.


I have been using PJ1 wax lube and my chain gets all nasty and hard to clean so I will have to try some of that stuff:thumb:, I have the o-ring type of chain tho think it matter really?:noidea:
defintley after a wash and when I think about it and after the bike has been sitting for a while before the next ride.