How many miles a year do you ride?

Curious to see how many miles other DBA'ers do on their machines. I have just reached 20,000 miles on my bike in a 25 month actual riding period in 30 months of ownership. I was down for 5 months with my broken leg. Anyway I averaged it out to be 800 miles per month. I would say 60% trails 40% fire road and pavement. So, my goal this year is to bump that average to 1000 miles per month average.

Let's hear your mileage stories and what your averages are. I know there has got to be others with this many or more miles. :rocker:
Between my two bikes, I think I rode about 3500+ miles in the last year. Have to guess on the 2st as it only has an hour meter. I keep track of hours/miles to see what kind of tire life I get out of the MT43's vs knobbies. 99% dirt, hate pavement.
Now driving/flying to get to dirt, that's a whole 'nother story.
Well I didn't get a bike until half way through the year. Then I ran it for a month and got a new one. Of course then I drug it down the highway so it was out of commission for a month. But I managed 1000 on the new bike and I figure 200 on the first one. I'm guessing it will be about 2,000 miles this year. All mine is dirt, whether its roads or trail. I just have to many other hobbies.:thumb:
this is the first year that i had any means of recording how many miles ive done.... had the new bike for a couple months and already have almost 1k miles.
I used to do a lot of longer desert rides. I tend to ride more tougher stuff these days and that doesn't rack up the miles. Add in the too freaking busy with life and I only did 2500-3000 miles in the last year. I used to ride 45 weekends a year and averaged over 100 miles a week. Today I'm lucky if I ride dirt twice a month.

I also get in about 7000 miles a year on street bikes.
Appx 10,000 miles on street per year. And so far on the new dirt bike (3 mos old) I have racked up about 50 hours:banana:

My street bike is still down:cry:
And Im gettin really cranky.
Those quicky street rides are what keeps me from wanting a divorce:smirk: