Injured How many DBA'ers are healing right now....

ahhhhh, i busted up my collar bone pretty bad before and i just needed a sling for a good long while
Did it hurt when you walked when it was really starting to heal?
When I shattered mine it almost got to the point where I wanted a wheelchair.:cry:

vinay, that would be the best way to go if possible. my dad was a foot and ankle doctor, he says that they can pull those pins right out without the person knowing it. with incredible results
Yeah if the pins don't get messed up, my friends got moved and they didn't realize it until he got his cast off. He said the ones that got moved were pretty painful to remove.

Pins/wires and maybe a plate and some screws. We will know this Thursday because he is scheduled for surgery. :prof:
Well at least he'll have a cool story to tell his grand kids in about 40yrs or so!:thumb:
i dont know, i was 4 when it happened to lol but as i rememberd they made this / \ i still have a lump on the break line though

vinay- actually i dont remember, i dont think so though. the whole thing wasnt to painful though