how do you pick your #/background color

as all of you probly know im gonna race mx this year (2011), and i was wondering how you pick your number like do you just slap a number on your bike or do you register it somewhere, also how do you pick your backgrond color i was gonna put blue backgrounds but now i know that is the girls class color, so i want to do red now but dont know if its a certain class color or what.
thats how it is done, different colors for different classes or size of bikes, many different racing org too use different than the other may use. So wait til you decide what organization you are gonna run in and see those rules.
all the races i've done they've supplied numbers to put on the bike... during the 6 hour though i ran my custom ones, i'm not sure about mx because i havn't raced it yet but my buddies all just run what they've got. i'd check the oranization like mike said


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I see that you're in WV, which means you're in District 5.

If you plan on staying with your 85, you'll have 2 classes that you can run, the 85cc (<--NO BIG WHEELS ALLOWED) and supermini. However if you decide to get a 125 or 250f then your class options greatly increase.

Here's a PDF with the D5's rules, scroll down to page 8 as that's where the MX section begins.

I didn't see it saying anywhere what number you're supposed to use, however a lot of guys will use the last 3 numbers of their AMA number. Use this database to see if anyone in D5 already has it, if somebody does then you'll want to pick a new number.

Here's a chart that shows number/background colors, if you run the youth 85 class it looks like you're supposed to have yellow backgrounds with black numbers. And the C class runs black backgrounds with white numbers. I personally would just run the black backgrounds with white letters and be done with it, I've never seen anyone get booted for having the wrong colors. :noidea:


And don't forget what the flag colors mean. :prof: