Other Honda 250 cc engine would fit on Gio x31 2012

Yeah but this one is a 2009 and I can work on it myself. I have done swaps with car, I should be able to repair this little thing :P
Yeah but this one is a 2009 and I can work on it myself. I have done swaps with car, I should be able to repair this little thing :P
That is the equivalent to a formula 1 engine in a 200lb package. Expext to pay 2000 for a engine with a re build
I have bought the xr250 1994. A friend of mine came with me and told me it worked like a charm. Negociated down from 950 to 650 :) Any tip about the bike ? Small upgrades that would make a good difference or anything ? I read it shared it's engine with a offroad version but with smaller exhaust and carburator, would it be worth it change them or anything ? I like doing mechanic for the sake of doing mechanic haha


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Great price!:clap:
You can rebuild the suspension, jet the carb, add an aftermarket exhaust...
All of which would add performance to an XR. The XR is great in stock form, but there is some room for upgrades.-BIG DAN:thumb:
I answered elsewhere. fyi the pipe is an upgrade and apparently the carburetor too. I sold the stock exhaust off of my 95 and the carburetor when I modified. I think the man said on another form it felt like about a half a gear better. now whatever that means. when he did it, he took the stock snorkel off the air box as well I believe. then the xr250r carburetor was jetting for that as well. fyi my modified bike uses a pipe more like some of the accessory manufacturing companies were making for it. it came off of a 79 xr500 which has the same port to port dimenisions as the rv head on the xr250 you have. i cut the header pipes 1.4 inches and used the stock collector which was bigger than even the xr250r pipe was. with a 32 mm carburetor and a much wilder cam and a 280 kit the difference was noticeable using the same supetrap silencer I had with the stock header. not really enough to make it worth doing, and the rest wasnt really worth doing either. I took a great slick surface trail bike and made it quite a bit faster on sand. and a little bit harder to ride on slick stuff. it still wasnt as fast as my yz125 in most places where acceleration was concerned, but gained in top end.
I am not going to be too much help on jetting the stocker yet, since I didnt play with an L version.

.004 thou on the intake cold, and .006" on the exhaust cold to get you started. write down any differences and then see if they grow back. that will give you a hint of what shape the cam and rockers are in. those are getting pretty spendy.