Other High Idle and Hard Kick in first gear

I have a Baja Dirt Runner 90cc bike, it belongs to a friend of mine and I rebuilt thing this from bottom to top for him. I'm finally able to test drive this thing and I've noticed it idles really stupid high and when shifting into first gear it practically does a wheelie and almost throws me off the rear (note: I weigh 250). I'm at a loss of what to do for this thing at the moment, if this isn't the right forum for this please point me in the right direction so I can figure it out. Thanks!

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or the carb slide is stuck
I spent Friday night in a flurry to get my YZ re-jetted for the track day yesterday. Since I didn't get the time to test it Friday night I just rolled up Saturday morning with Friday nights work.
It idled high as hell at first start up. It turned out that the throttle cable was kinda kinked out of position and was holding the slide up.
But definitely check for air leaks. Carb cleaner (or any other gas) works real good in this area.
Misrouted throttle cable possibly? All of the above comments are Things I would check as well.

Either that or disconect your NOS bottle.
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