Howdy. New here, guess I should post to introduce myself. I ride an old 96 KX 125, But next year in the spring I'm getting a job and will be getting(not replacing) it with most likely another, allot newer 125. I also have a KLX 140 that might be getting DS'ed.:banana:


How do you like that klx140

It's nice... more torquey than my friends KLX 125L but wayyyy underpowered in comparison to my KX..

The suspension is waayyy too soft for me(145-150) but I don't feel like spending the money and time taking it all apart and putting better springs and fluid in it..

If I didn't want a new bike(at least new to me anyways) I'd definitely put KX 100 forks and swing arm on it and a KX 100 shock or a fox shock(those things are sweeet)

this spring I'm gonna remove the snorkel(it gives the airbox approximately .25 of an inch extra clearance..), possibly drill the air box too, jet it, and depending on when I get my job it may get a different exhaust.