So your the nasty,long haired guy that doesn't look like a hippy:smirk: ok, I'll keep my eye out.
No Geek, Fleshwound is not producers of S&M porn!:lol:

That would be Crusty Demons of Dirt! Here I am at work.

I loved working there. Goats in the back of the office that would open the screen door if I didnt lock it.

I miss that job! I could ride goats in the office!

But then I had to sweep up their shit too.
Wow, rides dirt bikes and she's hot ! Are you married, Sun? :smirk:
That would be a negative. Although a few years back the biggest Mt. Lion I ever saw in person was while I was on my dirt bike in the hills of Malibu. That was back in the day about 5 years ago when I worked for Fleshwound Films. One day I couldnt resist the trail behind the office. I only did it once:devil: A Mt. Lion on the trail told me :naughty: not to do it again. I miss that job....ocean view, motos, no dress code. Too bad they moved to Palm Desert.

Chopper? Really? Oh well.....
I had the same thought or thoughts...........:devil:......:naughty:
Yes, and she packs when she rides, so :naughty:
Yeah...I pack a bowl:lol:

Thanks Husky:blush:your too kind. Everyone knows the "SUN" is hot! That's why you wear sunscreen!:smirk:

Welcome Big, long haired, not a hippy Nasty:wave: